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BetMoose was founded in 2013 and has since risen the ranks to becoming one of the more popular betting sites out there. What makes BetMoose different than just about any other traditional sportsbook is actually two-fold. For one, the site does not offer propositions like a traditional sportsbook would. It is a peer to peer site where users bet for or against predictions; most of which are generated by other users. The other main difference is that BetMoose exclusively uses Bitcoin to facilitate all financial aspects of their site.

For those who may be unaware, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a type of money that only exists online. Though it was first created in 2011, the currency did not really catch worldwide notice until 2013. As you can plainly see, BetMoose was one of the first to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, and has been riding it ever since. Though we could talk all day about what makes Bitcoin—and gambling with Bitcoin—unique, you can rest-assured that it is a truly revolutionary way to handle all financial dealings.

BetMoose Explained

BetMoose brags about offering a literal unending stream of wagering types, and they are not wrong. Users can create prediction markets on anything from traditional sporting events, to something as obscure as a regional political event. In the same breath, users who are not interested in coming up with predictions of their own can simply jump on a prediction market that already exists.

For example, if it is NBA Finals time, you will more than likely see a few different markets predicting the outcome of the Finals. There are no traditional bets offered like moneyline, straight and the over/under that would normally see a standard sportsbook online. So, as an example, If the Finals featured the Golden State Warriors facing off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the prediction might look something like, “Who will become the NBA Champion in this series?”

At this point, you pick a side and lay down your desired amount of money. If your pick wins, you win. If it loses, you lose. As more and more people jump on certain predictions, the prize pool grows. As you could expect, the prize pools and money wagered on events as big as the NBA Finals greatly outweighs the money placed on more obscure events, such as a UFC fight featuring two relatively unheard of fighters.

The great thing about BetMoose as a site is that it allows you the opportunity to easily seek out the most popular predictions; the ones that can earn you the most money if you are correct. Rather than betting against the house, you are wagering against other users just like yourself, and this makes for an experience that is entirely unique.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like most every other prediction market betting site, there are no special promotions or offers. The reason for this is because BetMoose is more like a stock exchange rather than anything else. As opposed to a sportsbook that creates game lines, propositions, and so forth, BetMoose leaves the user(s) in complete control.

Users set the wagers, set the wagering amount, and bet with or against other users, not the house. Because the house does not stand to win much, and is likely operating on thin margins, promotions and bonuses are not feasible. In fact, BetMoose is pretty fair with their commissions as they only take a 3% fee on all resolved wagers that you win. There are also NEVER a fee to cash out your money to your bitcoin wallet.

There are no plans at this point to move from a bitcoin-only model, so I wouldn’t anticipate any other options being available – especially ones dealing only in fiat currency. In addition, plans to implement bonuses or anything aren’t in the works either.

Sports Markets Offered by

As was briefly touched upon above, BetMoose offers so much more than sports betting alone. In fact, it would be impossible to outline the sports markets that the site covers, because the markets that exist are not generated by the site or any centralized authority. Rather, they are created by the users. So, not only does this mean that the available sports betting markets are in a constant state of flux, it also means that, quite literally, any sporting event from anywhere in the world can be wagered upon.

With that being said, if you create a prediction market for your local slow-pitch softball league, there is not a very high likelihood that people will join. For this reason, most of the sports betting you see will be on the more high-profile games, events, and leagues. There are also markets featuring economy, politics and entertainment wagers.

Apart from the sports side of things, there is no end to the type of wagers and predictions you can make. From politics, to weather, to financials, and just about anything else you can think of, there are wagers to be made at BetMoose. The way the site is broken down as far as betting markets are concerned is as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Sports
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Other
  • Stocks
  • Entertainment
  • eSports

As you can clearly see, BetMoose allows you to place wagers on predictions regarding just about anything the heart desires. Within each of the aforementioned categories, you are able to segregate predictions by those that are hot (timely relevant), fresh (new to the site), last chance (about to conclude), highest volume (prediction markets with the most participants/money wagered) and most controversial—which seems to be self-explanatory.

The site is clean and easy to use, so if you are still confused after reading all of this, go click around and check things out for yourself. They make the site very easy to navigate around and make bets and check how much action is on each particular side. Sign Up Process and Security

The security offered to users by BetMoose is great because it requires you to divulge almost no personal information whatsoever. The sign-up process doesn’t even require you to give out your real name. Simply provide an email address, create a username and password, choose your country and paste your Bitcoin address. Once you have supplied this information, your account will be confirmed via the provided email address and you will be ready to begin making predictions.

This offers users top-notch security on their platform, using the very best in SSL and anti-firewall technology to protect your account at all times. Furthermore, the use of Bitcoin’s encrypted technology means that any and all financial transactions that happen on the site are kept safe and secure at all times. All of their bitcoin is also kept in cold storage to ensure that ALL company funds are safe 24/7. This is also a big reason that larger bitcoin withdrawals take a little bit longer to verify and process.

Keep in mind that even when you make a withdrawal BetMoose follows strict protocols like implementing 24-hour “cooling off” periods that lock in your withdrawal BTC address for a full day, meaning that if hackers gained access to your account in that timeframe the worst type of damage that might be done is them withdrawing your own money back to your BTC wallet. This is just one of the several ways that the company ensures your account funds are 100% safe.

Banking Options at BetMoose

As if it weren’t obvious by now, the sole banking method accepted by is Bitcoin. Both deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly and easily via the cryptocurrency. This, in and of itself, is one of the biggest security features the site offers. The reason for this is due to the fact that, if hacked, a traditional online sportsbook is loaded with servers and servers of peoples’ personal information and banking information.

BetMoose, on the other hand, does not ever ask for your name and does not facilitate any type of hackable banking methods that deal in fiat currencies whatsoever. Also, all coins that BetMoose has are kept in cold storage, which are private Bitcoin keys created to store all BTC in a secure offline area. This makes it impossible for hackers to get to the company’s funds. Mobile

As we touched upon before, the site itself is organized very cleanly. This translates onto the mobile platform quite well. In fact, the site you are able to access from a smartphone or tablet is almost identical to the site that you will find on a traditional desktop. However, just remember the desktop site is duplicated for mobile, meaning the site itself is not actually optimized for mobile users.

For those who may be wondering, using BetMoose on a mobile device does not require you to download any sort of app. Rather, the site will function within your device’s web browser. What’s more, BetMoose is compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and just about any other device that has web accessibility. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to have to zoom in on certain bets and events because it’s somewhat difficult to read considering the mobile BetMoose site simply replicates the desktop one – but on a much smaller scale.

Final Verdict for BetMoose Sportsbook

I’ve tried many sportsbooks in my day and this is one of my more favorite betting exchanges that I’ve used personally.  The have unique events to wager on all the time and you can see in real-time where all the action is leaning on either side. The company provides amazing security that’s not rivaled by many other bitcoin sportsbooks as well. Their usage of anonymous account registration and bitcoin cold storage is also a huge plus in my book.

BetMoose only takes a very small commission on all resolved bets (3%) and there’s a lot of events and sports you can wager your bitcoin on. A solid betting platform makes the site so simple to use and their overall security protocols they’ve put in place helps you sleep more sound at night. They may not offer any type of bonus for new players, but more than makes up for it with all the other positive features they have.


  • Completely anonymous registration and betting.
  • Solid betting platform for peer to peer wagering.
  • Cold storage implementation for all bitcoins on the site.
  • Great list of sports markets.
  • Members can host their own bets from other players.