fairlay logoFairlay Sportsbook review

Fairlay is a somewhat new bookmaker that is riding the new wave of cryptocurrency that seems to be sweeping the global betting sphere. Fairlay was founded back in 2013 in Germany and set out with a mission to bring something a little bit different to the table.

Fiarlay is different from most every other sportsbook in that, instead of betting against the house, you are matched up with other users whom you wager with or against. Rather than being a sportsbook in the classical sense of the term, Fairlay is more of a betting exchange that function in much the same way that a major stock exchange does.

What does this mean for you? Well, a host of new, interesting, and exciting things is the long and short of it as far an answer is concerned.

For one, it means that you will get better odds and better value for your bets. In addition, it allows you the freedom to create literally any type of wager that you would like. User-created betting markets populate Fairlay, and this is something you will seldom find elsewhere. As it is a Bitcoin sportsbook, Fairlay currently offers banking methods solely in Bitcoin.

Software and Design

The overall look of Fairlay is extremely straightforward and to the point. They don’t use high-end graphics or colors to lure you in to certain areas of the site, nor are they cramming bonus offers down your throat like a lot of other flashier sportsbooks do. This is probably the main highlight of the site as it is plain as day and very easy to use. You can even register an account straight from the homepage in seconds – choosing to either bet anonymously or sign up for a standard account to track your bets from their backend.

The Fairlay software is completely proprietary and is something that is not used by other similar sportsbooks (at least as far as I’ve tracked) in the mutual betting niche. You’ll notice that upcoming events and more noticeably bet on matches are featured on the homepage for quick and easy access to customers. You can then navigate to the “Sports” tab on the top navigation and you’ll be able to highlight your favorite sports, additional leagues, bet types and more. Odds for and against are highlighted in green and red, respectively, which also give you an idea of how much action is being laid on a particular game.

Bonuses and Promotions

Being that Fairlay is more of a betting exchange than a traditional sportsbook, it should come as no surprise that they are not exactly known for their attractive offering of bonuses and promotions. For new players, once you have signed up it is customary that you will receive an email offering you a % matching bonus on your first deposit.

However, it really isn’t laid out in plain terms anywhere on the site regarding deposit bonuses so this is something you may have to contact support about or keep tabs on your emails to see if any new offers have been sent out. Regardless, I feel that the better odds and wider selection of bets the site offers should make up for the lack of bonuses anyway. The fact that they also allow players to not pay any type of betting fees on their matches is an added incentive to signing up for a Fairlay account.

Sports Markets Offered by Fairlay

The glory of Fairlay is that there is no limit to the number of sports markets upon which you can wager. The fact of the matter is that there are no restrictions when it comes to the sports betting options you will find on site. In the same breath, it must be mentioned that Fairlay offers wagering on so much more than sports alone. Entertainment, politics, and so much more are all available for all your betting needs. What’s more, if the betting market you are seeking does not exist, you can create it yourself.

When you initially log onto the site, a quick click to the “sports” tab will bring you to a page that is like any other sportsbook. There you will find some of the most popular sports betting markets listed across the top. Sports like hockey, American football, soccer, tennis, and basketball make up just a few of these selections. Once you have selected the match upon which you would like to wager, there are options for the different bets you are able to place, including moneyline, spread, over/under, and outright.

To be completely honest, the setup of the betting interface is a bit different from what you might finds at other sportsbooks, in that it is more simplistic. With that being said, once you get the hang of how everything is organized the site really becomes quite easy to use.

Through our research, we have found not limits levied against the bets you are attempting to place. In other words, you can place wagers in any size that you would like so long as someone accepts the wager. This is great because it opens up the site to experienced high-rollers as well as those who might be new to sports betting as a whole. The most popular sports betting markets offered by Fairlay include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • MMA
  • E-Sports
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Hockey

As was mentioned previously, there are plenty of other markets and you can even create your own. In addition to sports betting, there are also wagering markets open for politics, news, and entertainment. When it comes down to it, the sky is the limit at Fairlay.

Security and Sign Up Process

The security offered by Fairlay is like no other sportsbook out there. Though a typical account at Fairlay is secured no different from an account at most every other sportsbook, the site does offer some items to increase the level of security offered to you. You can either sign up for a traditional account or you can do a “one click register” and start betting anonymously and place your bitcoin wagers right away.

Other options include extra layers of security for your account so you have added peace of mind. For one, you can ask Fairlay to place a special security flag on your account. The security flag, really, restricts the amount of things you can do with an account, and can never be undone, but is a great method of protecting yourself from any sort of breach or fraud.

Your second option is to operate your account through Fairlay’s API. Though there is a fee attached to doing this, it means that you will not be able to make any sort of actions within your account without a private key known only to you. Every bet placed, withdrawal requested, or market created would first need to be validated by the aforementioned key. The only drawback to this is that if you lose or forget your key, your account will never be able to be accessed again. This is because Fairlay is not storing your key, for security purposes.

Banking Options

As far as creating an account goes, this is a process that does not take long at all. By simply registering with an email, you will then need to confirm that email, enter a few bits of information, and then it will be time to deposit and begin play. When it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds, the process is 1000% handled via Bitcoin. At the present moment in time this is the only accepted currency and method of deposit.

With that being said, deposits and withdrawals are able to be processed in a very short period of time; something that cannot be said by most other sites. As of right now they don’t have alternative forms of deposits, but with bitcoin I think that’s really the only method you really need as it is handled instantly, has no fees attached and is always done in the most secure and encrypted manner possible to ensure your money is safe.

Mobile Capability

The great thing about Fairlay’s rather simplistic design is the fact that it is able to translate onto a mobile platform flawlessly. Whether you are operating the betting exchange platform from a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, everything that you will find on the traditional desktop site is also available on the go. What’s more, the mobile-facing site looks and feels identical to the desktop version.

Even live betting exists on mobile devices for Fairlay users. Lines and odds are updated as the events progress, and the responsiveness of it all is something everyone seems to enjoy. There is no downloadable application for Fairlay. Instead, the sportsbook can be accessed through the browser of your smartphone or tablet. Once there, you can navigate and place wagers exactly like you would if you were sitting in front of a desktop or laptop.

You can also sign up for an account instantly via your smartphone and can choose to bet anonymously or you register a full account that allows you to track your bets, deposits, cashouts and more. The backend is very user-friendly, much like the desktop site.

Final Verdict for Fairlay Sportsbook

Fairlay is one of the more unique betting exchanges I’ve come across. The company laid out a very simple to use website for its customers, packed it full of security and encryption to keep cyber thieves away and have presented a very user-friendly betting platform for people to enjoy. I love that you can sign up anonymously in 5 seconds to start betting on games or that I can take full advantage of their betting backend if I wanted to register a full account.

This is what exchange betting is all about and Fairlay is just one of those sites that “gets it.” They focus on the bettor themselves and don’t worry about catering to what looks cool or overload me on extra things like casino games or poker. The tabbed browsing loads up my sports matches quickly and I can instantly see (in real-time) how much the odds are changing up for and against in any particular game I want to bet.

They don’t overload me with a ton of useless sports I don’t have much interest in betting, instead choosing to feature more popular sports that people ACTUALLY like to wager money on. The mobile site is just as functional and I love that I can even do live betting on any platform I choose!


  • Anonymous betting in seconds.
  • Great live betting odds.
  • Good selection of sports markets to bet on.
  • Bitcoin-only; makes the site more safe in terms of account security.
  • Easy to use betting platform (VERY user-friendly).